Frequently Asked Questions

 How far in advance to I need to make a reservation for a porta potty rental or book service?

Most people reserve their portable toilet rental months in advance but at the minimum we ask for 48 hours. However, we can accommodate fast turnaround times and same time deliveries.


Can a porta potty be placed anywhere on my site?

Yes and no. We want a flat, clear area for the porta potty and enough room, height and width, to get it into your location as well as to perform service.

How much does a porta potty rental cost?

Porta potty rental prices vary based on number of units need, rental days needed, the number of guests/employees attending your site and many other factors. Give us a call to discuss your needs at (516) 210-5844.

How much does a VIP restroom trailer rental cost?

Restroom trailer rental pricing varies as well and is based on the time you need the trailer, how many guests will be attending your event and a couple other factors. Give us a call to discuss (516) 210-5844.

How many portable toilets will I need for my project?

That depends on the number of employees or guests who will be using the units. Please request a quote or call our office (516)210-5844 and we can give you a better idea.

How do you control odors in the porta potty?

Chemicals in the water and frequent waste removal and cleaning.

Will the porta potty be clean and germ free?

Absolutely Yes! We are sticklers for sanitized, clean, units and nothing leaves our location headed to a clients site until it’s inspected by our managers. Cleanliness is a way of life around here.

How frequently will the porta potty be serviced?

That depends on how many people will be using the unit. It can be every day, every couple of days to once a week or so. It really depends on foot traffic and volume.

Can I rent Porta Potties for one day?


How soon do we deliver Porta Potty?

As soon as possible if needed.



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